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⏱️ Length: 1+ hours.
⚠️ Character Requirements: Level 70.

Includes the following:

8/8 bosses killed in Normal difficulty.

493-502 ilvl gear loot for your character.

Loot Guaranteed Options:

  • Group loot (saved run) - We cant guarantee that you will get any loot as it depends only on your luck. We cant gauarantee amount of unsaved people in raid (any amount). In raid can be any amount of customers and classes (including a lot of same classes).
  • LOOT PRIORITY ARMOR TYPE + SET - There will be no other player in raid group with your type of armor + tier set tokens. But you will roll for offset items like rings, weapons, neck, trinkets, and back with all other players.
  • LOOT PRIORITY ARMOR TYPE ONLY - There will be no other player in raid group with your type of armor. But you will roll for offset items like rings, weapons, neck, trinkets, SET (!!!) and back with all other players.
  • FULL LOOT PRIORITY ON YOUR SPEC - You will get every suitable for your class piece of gear. You will get raid group from players with a clear CD.
  • Group loot (UNSAVED) - Total 20 ppl clear ID. 4-6 items drop per boss.

Please, be aware that in case you chose self-play method, you have to hit the boss at least once, in order to being able to get loot.



At the start of the brand-new World of Warcraft Dragonflight expansion, the Vault of the Incarnates standard raid boost gives players a significant competitive edge. After purchasing the VotI standard run, you will enter the hostile land of Primals who want to annihilate the Blue Dragonflight. With the assistance of our VotI regular boost, easily defeat Raszageth and her minions.

Obtain the new Primalist Tier set, achievements, and other fantastic goodies from the Vault of the Incarnates regular raid as one of the first users to do so.


The typical increase from WoW's Vault of the Incarnates contains:


1.    VotI normal raid run with personal loot mode.

2.    Defeat 8/8 including Raszageth.

3.    Chance to get 493-502 loot and tier items.

4.    Normal versions of Primalist gear.

5.    Achievement Vault of the Incarnates.

6.    Chance to get unique battle pets.


It takes 2-3 hours to boost.


Note that the raid calendar only shows runs for your own personal loot. Please get in touch with our management via online chat or Discord to inquire about the next loot-trading raid.

The best way to prepare for Season 1 of the epic dungeons and PvP at the beginning of Dragonflight is with a normal Vault of the Incarnates boost. Please review the minimum criteria prior to purchasing any VotI regular sale runs.



·       70 level;

·       fresh lockout for NM difficulty;

·       no gear requirements.


Normal Carry: Vault of the Incarnates


Even though the game's standard mode is the simplest, it nevertheless provides benefits at the beginning of each new patch. As soon as the new raid becomes accessible to players, our raid carry crew will be prepared to do full regular VotI runs. Throughout the first week of the expansion, it enables players to purchase the most affordable and easily available gear.


VotI normal loot run advantages:

1.    It is the most convenient and fast way to catch up in the new patch.

2.    VotI carry services for normal mode are cheap due to lack of difficulty.

3.    It is a great way to get acquainted with new bosses and zones.

4.    With this service, it is easy to get loot from the Great Vault.


Consultants have just always offered top-notch standard raid carries, and we will do so in Dragonflight as well. You can always rely on Antorus to provide you one of the greatest VotI NM increases available. Due to the eight years of raiding experience of our teams, quick and efficient loot runs with few raid wipes are guaranteed.


Options for the Vault of the Incarnates raid boost


Vault of the Incarnates regular clear is always available to purchase. To improve your experience boosting, it is additionally feasible to completely personalize your order in a variety of ways.


VotI normal run options:


Selfplay: This choice enables you to take part in the raid directly. But you don't need to be aware of the plan or worry about the supplies since we've got you covered. Sit back, unwind, and relish the journey.


Treasure-trade: If you choose this option, we'll include up to 15 loot funnels in the raid. They will share the same sort of armor as you. Several individuals are willing to trade you their entire treasure haul from the VotI sale run. If you choose this option, you will receive significantly more treasure from the raid.


Our participants will still provide stuff to your character after the guaranteed quantity has been achieved. The number of items shown in the table above is the absolute least that can be obtained during a single VotI regular boost run. If you're lucky, you could be able to acquire considerably more.


Nevertheless, if the required amount has not been met, we will run your character one more time the following week. Even after reset, we will have the necessary quantity of things. Please try to remember that the loot guarantee includes the goods you gather as well.



Select options:

8/8 bosses group loot (saved run)
$ 9.00
click here if you want VIP run

Select options:

Self play
Acc share

Choose options to continue


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