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⏱️ Length: 1+ day.
⚠️ Character Requirements: Level 70.

If you have progress or you need some other reputation - write to us, we will make a discount or custom order.

Includes the following:

FARM any Burning Crusade reputation. This price for NEUTRAL TO EXALTED.

100% manual farming.

ALL loot, gear and achievements are included.


The Burning Crusade Reputation


The fastest and most lucrative way to increase your Burning Crusade reputation count is to buy reputation for World of Warcraft. For all factions accessible in that expansion, we provide TBC rep grinding. Among the quickest and most trustworthy Burning Crusade rep carries available, carried out by a group of skilled boosters.


ETA for the TBC reputation boost: 1-4 weeks. (Subject to the chosen faction)


There are several various reputations to level up in the Burning Crusade expansion. The majority of them provide great incentives. Some can heal pets and have special TBC reputation mounts. Select the TBC group or factions you want to have their reputation raised for, sit back, and let us handle the rest.


Reputation-building options for Burning Crusade include:


Any level of WoW TBC reputation increased up to Exalted; unique TBC mounts like Netherwings; exclusive TBC pets; TBC rep toys and collectibles; the ability to transmogrify into The Burning Crusade factions; and TBC rep milestones for achieving Exalted.


Remember that this service is only for retail settings.


Any current level of your character may be used to acquire the Burning Crusade reputation we are offering here. Simply agree on the conditions of your TBC rep's carry with him by contacting our support manager, who is accessible 24/7, and we will make every effort to meet your demands as best we can.


Additionally, please see our fundamental criteria for this kind of carry service before purchasing our quick TBC rep leveling.




Characters with 50+ levels and a good grinding reputation are preferred.


Description of TBC reputation


In World of Warcraft, getting the Burning Crusade reputation is a relatively quick and simple process. This expansion's majority of the factions with farmable reputations require a mix of questing and rep-grinding. It is crucial for our TBC reputation boosters to understand exactly what rep level you are at right now and which one you want to reach.


The actual procedure to purchase a TBC rep on our website is as follows:


•    Choose the Burning Crusade faction whose reputation you wish to increase; choose as many factions as you like from the list of TBC reputation boosts;

•    Complete the checkout process to place your order. Our manager will get in touch with you right away to clarify the specifics of your Burning Crusade reputation carry. Once everything is sorted out, you can relax while our team levels up your reputation and reap the benefits of awesome rewards from BC reputations.


As you can see, ordering a quick TBC reputation grind from our carry staff is extremely simple. As a result, you should place your order right away in order to receive some fantastic benefits.


Top 5 awards for Burning Crusade rep


Whether you are a new player who chose to miss the whole Burning Crusade storyline while rising up through Chromie timelines or an experienced player who chose to skip certain tedious TBC reputation grinds in the past, it makes no difference. In any case, we are prepared to help you obtain some of World of Warcraft's rarest reputation prizes.


We've selected the following items as the best rep-related treasure from the long-gone expansion:


•    The Veridian Netherwing Drake's reins and other color variations.

•    Red Riding Nether Ray, a Skyguard of the Sha'tari.

•    Small Sporebat (Sporeggar reputation).

•    The Stormcaller/Blade of the Archmage (reputation from Thrallmar and Honor Hold).

•    The Shattered Sun's Tabard (Shattered Sun Offensive rep).


Even if you are not a die-hard World of Warcraft collector, those are extremely awesome prizes that you must obtain. But there are a lot more uncommon gifts, like as numerous humorous weapons, uncommon pets, and mounts, that you can only obtain by raising your TBC reputation to exalted.



Select options:

The Scryers
$ 40.00
1 week
The Aldor
$ 40.00
1 week
The Consortium
$ 30.00
1 day
$ 30.00
1 day
Shattered Sun Offensive
$ 35.00
1-3 day
Sha'tari Skyguard
$ 35.00
1-3 day
$ 50.00
30 days
$ 40.00
1-3 day
The Mag'har
$ 30.00
1 day
The Violet Eye
$ 30.00
1 day
The Scale of the Sands
$ 30.00
1 day
Ashtongue Deathsworn
$ 30.00
1-3 day
$ 30.00
1 day
The Sha'tar
$ 40.00
5-7 days
Lower City
$ 30.00
1 day
Keepers of Time
$ 30.00
1 day
Cenarion Expedition
$ 30.00
1 day

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