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⏱️ Length: 1+ day.
⚠️ Character Requirements: Level 70.

Includes the following:

You WILL get boost renown covenant.

You WILL get boost your Covenant Campaign.

You WILL get amounts of Anima, achievements, toys, mount and etc.

The Covenant Renown system is a new way to buff your character in Shadowlands. This will give you basic advantages from the start and allow you to level up to Renown Level 80 at the end. A chosen covenant has no impact on the main buffs of the Renown system.

Renown is anywhere from reputation to currency. Every achieved Renown makes you more connected with the chosen covenant. Besides these effects, Renown has many more advantages for the general buff of a character.

Buying the Renown carry service on our site allows you to have more free time without boring work in Shadowlands. If doing a Covenant campaign is somewhat bearable, weekly Maw quests are boring and almost impossible when crowds of people are doing them.


Covenant Renown Level boost


The new Covenant mechanism that Shadowlands introduces forces players to solidify their commitment to the chosen group. They can accomplish this with the aid of Kyrian, Venthyr, Night Fae, or Necrolords Renown boost. Each player must farm out the weekly cap of covenant renown.

This might take 15 to 17 weeks of consistent weekly work to raise the renown to level 80 in Shadowlands. The procedure will become quicker and less tiresome if you get the Covenant notoriety enhancement.


Covenant renown level farming in WoW entails:


•    Farm of the chosen covenants' renown levels (1–80);

•    Covenants benefits and advantages include Deepening Bond;

•    Soulbinds upgrades and unlocks;

•    44 renown shadowlands soaring;

•    Flying mount with a covenant theme on level 45;

•    Eise in global quest item level at levels 30, 61, and 75 of renown;

•    Armor set transmutation for the covenant;

•    Epic mounts with covenants like Immortal Phalynx of Purity;

•    New legendary recipes and maw zone benefits;

•    Items like Kyrian Hearthstone and other toys and accessories.

•    Boost duration: 7 to 10 days (depends on the chosen renown level).


Depending on the player's current Renown level, covenants provide additional powers and other benefits. As a result, the greater incentives you receive the higher you get it increased.

But, one must meet the following fundamental parameters in order to obtain the quickest and most effective covenant renown farming.



Character of level 60; Chosen Covenant;


Covenant Renown: What is it?

 The new method for strengthening characters in Shadowlands is through the Covenant Renown system. It starts out by giving you some fundamental advantages and keeps improving until it reaches Renown Level 80. The primary Renown system bonuses are unaffected by the covenant that was chosen. The only areas where there will be a difference are in cosmetics, transmutation, and collectibles.


What it does

The Renown itself is a hybrid of cash and reputation. You will develop a stronger bond and reputation with the chosen Covenant with each Renown harvested. In addition to the more minor impacts, Renown has the following fantastic advantages for the overall character improvement:


•    Unlocking and strengthening Soulbinds, which are necessary for character power;

•    Deepening Bond buff to get a % more stamina;

•    Covenant partners;

•    Wisps of memory to increase the adventurer's level of experience;

•    Gear ilvl increases for world quests and unrated PvP.


You may therefore straighten your character and get some cool prizes and collectibles by playing a Renown farm carry.


Speed up the cultivation of Covenant Renown

 Renown is given out for numerous weekly missions, campaigns, and events throughout the expansion in part because it is a new currency for the Shadowlands. By just finishing the lengthy covenant campaign and earning 1 renown every chapter, players will reach Renown Level 21.

Two weekly objectives must be performed in order to advance in the game. One of the rewards is fame.


Creating Destiny; Filling the Reservoir

The quickest method to advance in Renown

One may take a break from grinding in the Shadowlands by purchasing the Renown carry service from Antorus. Long Covenant campaigns are still acceptable, but the weekly Maw missions are tedious and nearly hard to complete in large groups.

To level up this new system and make your character as powerful as possible in Shadowlands, Antorus provides you a quick and effective Renown boost.



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