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⏱️ Length: 7+ days
⚠️ Character Requirements: Acc Share, 80 level character.

Includes the following:

FARM any WOTLK reputation. This price for NEUTRAL TO EXALTED.

100% manual farming.

ALL loot, gear and golds are included.

Please ask before you order, if it is possible to do this on your server.


WotLK Reputation Boost

 The quickest way to elevate the whole Wrath of the Lich King faction is to give them a WotLK reputation boost. The magnificent World of Warcraft Expansion's accomplishments, transmogrification, pets, and reputation mounts may be be obtained by purchasing the WotLK rep carry.


Reputation boost for WotLK ETA: 1-4 weeks. (Subject to the chosen faction)


From any level to exalted, you can boost any Lich King faction. The time of the boost may change because the WotLK rep farm is a time-consuming procedure. Please ask one of our managers for the exact timing.


WotLK reputation farming service includes:


•   Any WoW: WotLK reputation level that has been elevated to Exalted;

•   Buying unlocked exalted mounts like the Silver Covenant Hippogryph;

•   Mounts with a high repute, like Reins of the Green Proto-Drake;

•   Uncommon pets with high WotLK reputation, such as Shimmering Wyrmling;

•   WoW transmogrification of Northrend factions;

•   Achievements for achieving Exalted in WotLK.


Weekly missions and occasionally straightforward monster grinds are used to farm WotLK reps. All of them require time and work to expand, and we bet you have more exciting things to do than grind out stale reputation. On the other hand, if you choose to increase your WotLK rep collection, the rewards and accomplishments do important.

Where Antorus rep grinding service comes into play is in this situation. Feel free to read the prerequisites we require for this kind of service, though, before ordering our WotLK carry service.



·      50+ level character;

·      selected WotLK reputation for grinding.


WotLK reputation carry description


It is up to you to choose the faction you want to exalt as we sell all WotLK reputations. You can farm for achievements or partially complete the reputation meta accomplishments by purchasing each WotLK faction rep. All you have to do is adhere to these simple instructions.


The specific steps for purchasing a WotLK rep in World of Warcraft are as follows:


•   Choose the faction in WotLK you wish to level up;

•   From the list of all WotLK rep boostings, add as many factions as you want;

•   To finish placing your order, proceed to the checkout page;

•   To finish your order, our manager will get in touch with you immediately;

•   You'll be prepared to begin after arranging your Lich King reputation carry;

•   As soon as everything is in place, you may unwind and let our crew level up your rep;

•   Reap fantastic benefits from your exalted status with WotLK factions.


Best WotLK Reputation Mounts


In the World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King expansion, there are many reputation-based mounts, but some of them are significantly more expensive than others because the rep required to purchase them is more difficult to obtain. The appearance of the WotLK steed is obviously another component that affects its rank; while the Quel'dorei Steed may be difficult to obtain, it is not the most awesome-looking ride. It goes without saying that it can only be used as a ground mount.


So, in order to help you out, we've put together a list of our top selections for WotLK reputation mounts that you can receive by buying an Antorus Wrath of the Lich King reputation carry.


Top 3 WoW WotLK reputation mounts.

1.   Reins of the Green Proto-Drake.

2.   Reins of the Red Drake.

3.   Reins of the Grand Ice Mammoth.


Nevertheless, there are other benefits from the Northrend rep faction that should be sought after in addition to mounts. In World of Warcraft, items such as the Mastercraft Kalu'ak Fishing Pole can be quite expensive to collectors. It goes without saying that each Northrend rep has an accomplishment reward that is obtained by being exalted with the chosen faction, which raises your achievement points total.


Why chose Antorus for your WotlK rep farming?


It takes a lot of effort and playing time to complete reputation farming, which is tiresome. Due to this, Antorus offers their expert WotLK rep carry team's assistance so that you may spend your valuable time on other engaging and exciting activities and let them finish this process for you.

Furthermore, Antorus is a reliable retailer of game boosts and provides a few extra benefits to ease your concerns:


•   We know the quickest technique to harvest any WotLK reputation, and we 100% guarantee the completion of any WoTL rep grinding order.

•   Our support managers are on duty around-the-clock throughout your rep increase;

•   We utilize only time-tested methods of rep grinding; no third party applications are used; we have over 1000+ favorable ratings on a reliable website and forums.


Having stated that, you may unquestionably ask for our assistance in leveling your Wrath of the Lich King reputation. You may immediately start enjoying your fantastic perks by buying the WotLK rep carry today.



Select options:

Wyrmrest Accord
$ 20.00
The Kalu'ak
$ 32.00
The Ashen Verdict
$ 70.00
Alliance Vanguard
$ 50.00
Horde Expedition
$ 170.00
Argent Crusade
$ 20.00
Frenzyheart Tribe
$ 35.00
$ 32.00
Knights of the Ebon Blade
$ 22.00
Kirin Tor
$ 27.00
Silver Covenant
$ 90.00
Sons of Hodir
$ 40.00
$ 90.00

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