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⏱️ Length: 1+ day
⚠️ Character Requirements: Acc Share

Includes the following:

You WILL get selected level Character.

100% manual leveling via quests and dungeons.

ALL loot, gear and golds are included.

Additional Featurs:

You MAY chose any amount of levels to boosts and any level to begin from.

We DO provide an option to attunements for additional fee.

We DO provide an option to full dungeons gear for additional fee.

We DO provide an option 1 Gathering Profession to 450 skill for additional fee.

We DO provide an option 1 Production Profession to 450 skill for additional fee.

We DO provide an option 3 Secondary Profession to 450 skill for additional fee.

WotLK Death Knight Leveling 

In the most recent Wrath of the Lich King expansion, using a DK powerleveling service is the quickest way to level up a new Death Knight character. In 2008, this heroic class was first created. Finally classic players have an additional opportunity to relive it in all its power without having to level Death Knight on their own.

All players who desire to change their class in WotLK Classic will find the Death Knight leveling (XP) bonus to be quite helpful. Although all DKs start at level 55, the journey to the top is arduous and drawn-out. Additionally, your DK cannot use any in-game services. That won't be an issue thanks to our quick power leveling for Death Knights.


DK level boost includes

 1.      55-80 DK leveling to order (from ANY level).

2.      80th level of achievement.

3.      Begin the day DKs are made accessible.

4.      Dungeons, raids, and pvp content are all accessible.

5.      Questing, mob farming, and dungeon farming were all done by hand.

6.      VPN to increase security.

7.      Daily reports on the development (on request).

The squad that performs the fastest Death Knight powerleveling in Antorus is skilled and knows just what to do to produce effective outcomes. Please be aware that server instability or/and overcrowded Death Knight beginning zones may shorten the amount of time it takes to level up.

Important: Selecting 80 level unlocks the majority of options. Consider taking a look at the minimum requirements for this kind of service before purchasing DK exp boosting.

It's important to understand that the x1 Revered reputation option only allows you to increase reputation with ONE of the following factions: Kirin Tor, Knights of the Ebon Blade, Argent Crusade, or Wyrmrest Accord. According to your function, one of these factions is required for head enchant. Even before selecting this option, please note the intended faction.



•      WotLK vintage account

•      active WoW membership;

•      ANY level DK that is on the server of choice;

•      This program is being tested.


How to Buy Death Knight level boost?

The WotLK pre-patch will make the Death Knight class available, allowing everyone to prepare their characters prior beginning the Northrend adventure. Nevertheless, pre-patches typically don't persist for long, and since dungeon leveling has been eliminated, some players may not have enough time to set up their DKs. If you want to use our Death Knight leveling service, it will not be an issue.

Although since Wrath of the Lich King open beta, we have been taking pre-orders for DK leveling services. An exp carry can be purchased in the same straightforward manner as before. Additionally, we advise buying this service prior to the pre-patch going live. So that they may set sail for Northrend on the first day of the expansion's release, the team will have enough time to level up your character to 70.


DK powerleveling service guide:

 •      Choose the DK's level range.

•      Change the order by selecting several possibilities.

•      Continue to the checkout and complete your payment.

•      We'll get back to you in seven minutes.

•      Set up every aspect with the support manager.

•      Unwind while enjoying a quick DK level increase.

•      Play on a brand-new 80 DK and face up to Lich King!

Our supervisors are on hand around-the-clock to respond to all of your inquiries and make special offers. We will be pleased to assist you if you simply contact us by online chat, Skype, or Discord.



Select options:

$ 40.00

Select options:

Im on PvP server
Cold Weather Fly
$ 5.00
1 Gathering Profession 1-450
$ 22.00
1 Craft Profession 1-450
$ 29.00
3 Secondary Profession 1-450
$ 45.00
~4500 gear score
$ 34.00
~5000 gear score
$ 53.00
~5300 gear score
$ 69.00
~5700 gear score
$ 139.00

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