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While working on accounts, we comply with all security measures. We do not use bots and scripts. We do not use in-game chat.

24/7 Support

Our team works 24 hours per day.

SSL Secure

The site uses SSL protocol, it fully protects input data and information. We also use the HTTPS protocol to encrypt data.


We can use the VPN of your country.

Money refunds

We provide a full or partial refund if you change your mind or if there is an accident. You can learn more about this from the operator.


⏱️ Length: 1+ hours.
⚠️ Character Requirements: Level 60.

Includes the following:

10/10 bosses killed in Normal difficulty.

226-233 ilvl gear loot for your character.

Loot Guarantees and Loot Options:

  • 1 boosters same gear type as yours guarantees 1-2 Gear Items per run.
  • 2 boosters same gear type as yours guarantees 2-3 Gear Items per run.
  • 3 boosters same gear type as yours guarantees  3-4 Gear Items per run.
  • 4 boosters same gear type as yours guarantees  4-5 Gear Items per run.
  • 5 boosters same gear type as yours guarantees  5-6 Gear Items per run.

Additional Featurs:

  • We DO provide an option for you to play yourself. You may choose this feature for extra fee.
  • We DO provide an option of Loot Trade for additional fee. Depending on this option we can guarantee the number of loot you will receive for one run.

NOTE: If you have not selected the Loot Option, the Personal Loot will be applied for your service.

Please, be kindly advised that the loot trade options are reflecting only 100% guaranteed amount of loot, you might get more gear items (if you are lucky enough).

Please, be aware that some gear items are not available for trading due to principles of the looting system operation itself. The items that are not increasing your item level are also included into the guaranteed loot.

Please, be aware that in case you chose self-play method, you have to hit the boss at least once, in order to being able to get loot.

SoD Normal Run Boost

Want to improve your gaming skills? Then you’ve come to the right place. Using our advanced methods and boosting, your skill set will be extended. Sanctum of Domination is the second raid in Shadowlands featuring 10 bosses.

By defeating all the bosses, you win 3 items at choice next week from your Great Vault. You’ll need a good team, which will help you doing Normal raid. Moreover, you’ll definitely need a vast set of skills.

Sanctum of Domination normal run boost is the quickest way to train your students, that is to say your characters, to come to the battlefield for a new season of dungeons and a much tougher version of raids.

Our boosting service helps you quickly run through all bosses in the raid. You’ll be able to add traders to get extra loot too.

You don’t need to know tactics, our professional team will do everything for you. All our players are professional gamers. We’ll solve all the problems you’ll face. The purchase of Sanctum of Domination Normal Boost will grant your competitive advantage from the very beginning.



Select options:

x1 loot traders
$ 12.00
1+ items guaranteed
x2 loot traders
$ 24.00
2+ items guaranteed
x3 loot traders
$ 36.00
3+ items guaranteed
x4 loot traders
$ 48.00
4+ items guaranteed
x5 loot traders
$ 70.00
5+ items guaranteed

$ 24,00


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