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⏱️ Length: 8+ hours.
⚠️ Character Requirements: Level 60.

Includes the following:

You WILL get 70 level Character.

100% manual leveling via quests and dungeons.

ALL loot, gear and achievements are included.

Additional Featurs:

We DO provide an option to speed up the levelling for additional fee.

We DO provide an option gear for extra fee.



The right approach to be ready for all the new stuff that this dragon expansion has to offer is with a leveling increase from Dragonflight. With the help of this practical solution, users may make good use of their time and devote it to in-game activities they enjoy rather than meaningless EXP grinding. In the next expansion, dragonflight powerleveling is the preferred method for reaching 70 levels because it is quick and effective.


Players may get right into the endgame activities of this new expansion by employing our expert WoW Dragonflight level boost service without having to spend hours upgrading their characters. This is especially relevant in light of the recent inclusion of the Dracthyr race, a novel combination of ranged DPS and a healer that harnesses the power of dragons and mystical elements. Our Dragonflight level 70 boost service is the quickest and most effective way to level up the freshly created Dracthyr.


Powerleveling in WoW DF entails:


•    Quickly begin within 30 minutes.

•    In the Dragonflight expansion, a level 70 boost.

•    Success Level 70.

•    Completely manual work through dungeons and missions.


All items, money, equipment, and accomplishments obtained during the level 70 boost.

Power leveling in Dragonflight takes 8–16 hours (depending on the chosen options).

Please take note that the whole Thaldraszus tale is ONLY included in the option to earn global quests on the Dragon Isles.

The WoW DF level increase will be completed within the time range specified in the description, if not a little faster, thanks to all powerleveling options.

The length of the service may be extended with additional choices.




•    Extension of Dragonflight;


•    60+ level;


•    No equipment is necessary.


WoW Dragonflight level boost guide.


A group of experts manually boosts the Dragonflight 70 level. They are skilled in farming EXP, thus the service will be finished as quickly as possible. In order to reach 70 more quickly than anybody else when the expansion launches, our team will begin honing the most effective leveling techniques on the PTR.

The Dragonflight expansion will introduce the Dracthyr, a brand-new playable race. Only members of this distinct race will be eligible to join the new class of Evoker. This combination of a race and a class may either be a healer or a ranged damage dealer. As fascinating as it may be, most individuals will have to create a new character in order to explore all the new gaming options. Because not everyone has the time or energy to accomplish it, Antorus steps in to help. The Evoker leveling service addresses this issue.


Route for increasing Dragonflight XP.

With several verticalities, Dragon Isles is expected to be one of the game's largest playable zones yet. This means that even experienced players may find it tedious and rather complicated if they are simply trying to have fun with the game. Due to its verticality, Storm Peaks was well known for its arduous questing, and it appears like the current zone is much more vertical than before. With the aid of our service, getting to the highest level in Dragonflight is projected to take only 7-8 hours.

Dragonflight leveling route will be the same for everybody and it looks like this:


1.The Forbidden Reach (dracthyr starting zone).

2.The Walking Shores.

3.Ohn'ahran Plains.

4.The Azure Span.



You may anticipate receiving the character with the reached maximum level upon completion of our Dragon Flight powerleveling service, making it ready to go out on a quest to conquer new dungeons and raids.


Buy WoW Dragonflight leveling 60-70.

As usual, buying a level 70 boost in the Dragonflight expansion is simple. You only need to perform the following; there is no need to go through a complicated procedure.

Choose the boost's kind and leveling speed mode.

Adapt the choices to your needs so the boost is ideal.

Go ahead and check out.

Our managers will get in touch with you to set things up and provide all the specifics.


Enjoy the journey!

As you can clearly see, the entire procedure is straightforward, so you can start taking advantage of your increase immediately. You receive the greatest quality service when you combine this with the fact that our support team is available around-the-clock, seven days a week. We are always here to help you with anything you need, so don't hesitate to contact us with any questions or to modify your purchase in any way.



Select options:

Fast leveling (8-12 hours)
$ 17.00
Standard leveling (12-16 hours)
$ 16.00
Slow leveling (16-24 hours)
$ 15.00
$ 17.00
60-70 SELF PLAY (1-2 hours)
$ 17.00

Select options:

8/8 Mythic 0 dungeons
$ 35.00
Unlock all dragon riding glyphs
$ 10.00
Loremaster of the Dragon Isles
$ 20.00
Add 1 Dragonflight profession
$ 80.00
1-60 Character leveling
$ 20.00
24 hours
500 ilvl
$ 45.00
510 ilvl
$ 90.00
515 ilvl
$ 120.00
476 PvP ilvl - full honor gear
$ 15.00
10 hours
489 PvP ilvl - full conquest gear
$ 80.00
4-6 days if no cap cq

Choose options to continue


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