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WoW Castle Nathria Raid Boost

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Castle Nathria Raid: a challenge you have to reckon with

The Nathria castle is located in the centre of Revendreth. Rumors has it that Denathrius, the covenant, can no longer cope with his responsibilities and soon will be ready to appoint a new head of Revendreth. As soon as you reach the damp cellars of the castle, you’ll discover a rift in the Maw and the anima storehouse. You’ll also find out that Denathrius has connections with the Jailor and probably works for him. During the raid you will find many secrets hidden in the castle.

Fighting with the Castle bosses

The Nathria raid takes place in three locations: at the castle entrance, the catacombs and the ballroom. Players have to face 10 bosses total. The 10 Nathria Castle bosses have unique appearance, feelings and different battling difficulties.

In order to complete the raid without any boosts, for a start you have to gather a strong team, get good, robust equipment and simply have the courage to fight the bosses. But even if you have everything you need you can’t be sure if you’ll be able to complete it on the first try. That’s why every Raid Boost in the Nathria Castle eventually makes you game easier yet not less exciting!

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