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⏱️ Length: 10+ min.
⚠️ Character Requirements: Level 70. Only EU region.

Includes the following:

Any Specific Boss killed in Mythic difficulty.

424+ilvl Mythic Mode gear loot for your character.

Additional Featurs:

We DO provide an option for you to play yourself. You may choose this feature for extra fee.

Please, be aware that in case you chose self-play method, you have to hit the boss at least once, in order to being able to get loot.

Vault of the Incarnates Mythic Loot Run

One of the simplest methods to equip your character with high-ilvl gear at the beginning of the new expansion is to complete the Vault of the Incarnates epic boost. Dragonflight's first legendary raid will provide items with item levels ranging from 424 to 437. Get a collection of Primalist Class Tier accomplishments and awards, as well as mythic VotI elite goodies, carried by our skilled raiding groups.


After the raid's debut, a few weeks later, VotI legendary boost becomes accessible. To secure a slot or learn more about the timetable for epic raids, please check the schedule or get in touch with our customer care via online chat.


Vault of the Incarnates mythic carry rewards:


1.  The chosen number of mythic bosses defeated.

2.  Mythic: Vault of the Incarnates achievement for the full mythic run.

3.  1 to 5 different 424-437 ilvl item slots (depends on the number of bosses killed).

4.  Mythic achievements for every boss kill (e.g. Mythic: Terros).


Full run takes: ~4-5 hours.


Important: achieving FoS Cutting Edge: Until the launch of the following raid tier, Raszageth the Storm-Eater is the only raid mount available.


Please be advised that this service necessitates the transfer of a character to our team's realm. To learn more, contact our customer support team by Discord, Skype, or online chat. The transfer is necessary to complete the service since cross-realm mythic mode won't be accessible for the first three to four months after the raid's release.


There are agreements between Antorus and several top-tier raiding groups. Each week, we provide more than 10 VotI legendary sell-runs. Don't forget to attack the boss at the beginning of each fight in order to receive the treasure. It is not necessary to understand the fight's tactics, though.


Please make sure to review the prerequisites for our mythic raid carry service before purchasing Vault of the Incarnates mythic raid. When choosing a raid time from the schedule, always check the availability because some raid slots might already be fully booked.




·      level 70;

·      fresh Vault of the Incarnates mythic cooldown;

·      self-play only;

·      transfer to our teams’ realm.


Mythic Vault of the Incarnates Boosting Explained


The goal of WoW VotI mythic raid boosting is to assist players in obtaining the top 424–437 ilvl gear and completing the game's most challenging PvE content. On legendary difficulty, each boss in the first Dragonflight raid will be a formidable battle. Ever other single battle is a rigorous test of skill that necessitates cooperation, planning, and expertise. Here is a peek at the battles that players must through to defeat Vault of the Incarnates.


Here is the boss order in VotI boost on mythic difficulty:


1.  Eranog.

2.  Terros.

3.  The Primal Council.

4.  Sennarth, The Cold Breath.

5.  Dathea, Ascended.

6.  Kurog Grimtotem.

7.  Broodkeeper Diurna.

8.  Raszageth the Storm-Eater.


One will get the chance to grab the greatest loot from all of these raid bosses with the help of this VotI legendary loot run. Additionally, you may pick up some secret techniques and strategies from our extremely skilled Warcraft raiders. We offer a solution if you are worried about missing out on some fantastic goods.


Trading of loot during VotI Mythic Sell Runs


With the launch of the new expansion, outdated equipment will be utterly useless. Players must therefore take on fresh enemies in the next raid tier in order to obtain new and useful gear.


Although not all of the goods for your spec may be swapped, our staff will make every effort to trade as many attractive things as they can. Please keep in mind that not all items, even those that are in your class, are guaranteed for the trade. However, we always promise to give you the exact number of unique spaces you ordered (and sometimes even more!). Of course, you may always claim prizes from the Great Vault.


Loot guarantee from Vault of Incarnates mythic carry:


·      8/8 bosses - 5 different slots;

·      7/8 bosses - 4 different slots;

·      6/8 bosses - 3 different slots;

·      5/8 bosses - 3 different slots;

·      4/8 bosses - 2 different slots;

·      3/8 bosses - 1 slot;

·      2/8 bosses - 1 slot;

·      1/8 bosses - no items guaranteed.


You may always get in touch with us via online chat, Skype, or Discord if you have any queries about how to purchase legendary Vault of the Incarnates carry or any other inquiries about our service. Our client service is accessible around-the-clock, and we are always delighted to help.



Select options:

$ 40.00
$ 80.00
The Primal Council
$ 40.00
Sennarth, The Cold Breath
$ 80.00
Dathea, Ascended
$ 170.00
Kurog Grimtotem
$ 170.00
Broodkeeper Diurna
$ 190.00

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